W. A. Brown

Maker of models and dioramas for museums

Pictures below are of various D-Day dioramas
R.A.O.C. personnel taking German prisoners on D-Day W.W.2

Supplies being landed at Ajax Bay during the Falklands War

A Victorian field kitchen
And another one - but this time from W.W.2
From kitchens to workshops...
This one is in the Western Desert during W.W.2
A.O.C. activities in France during W.W.1
Part of a diorama showing the Delhi Magazine during the Indian Mutiny of 1857
Rourke's Drift (in the Zulu War)

This is a diorama of the the seizure, on ‘D’ Day, of the Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, made for the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Forum.

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A model fire engine. Click on the picture for a larger view
A telegraph signal (semaphore) station from the time of the Napoleonic Wars.